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3 Surefire Signs Your AC Is In Need Of Replacing

Hartford County AC ReplacementWith summer now in full swing, your home’s air conditioning system is likely feeling the heat, both literally and figuratively. If you are like most homeowners, you have likely been running your air conditioning system almost nonstop since the temperature started to climb, and it will likely be another couple of months before your system gets any kind of meaningful break. Like every other mechanical device out there, your AC isn’t designed to last forever, and at some point, you are going to need to start looking for a replacement, but knowing when to do so isn’t always obvious. To help you in that effort, our team of professionals have taken the time to put together this short list highlighting just a few of the more common signs that your home’s AC is just about due for a replacement. If you notice any of these signs, give our team of professionals a call today and let us help you find the replacement AC that is right for your home.

Your System Is Older Than 10 Years

When properly maintained, most air conditioning systems have a lifespan of roughly 10 to 15 years, but if you haven’t been keeping up with maintenance like you should over that timeframe, that number could easily be much lower. If your system is nearing the 10 year mark, or has already passed it, it might be in your better interest to go ahead and start considering replacement options as opposed to repairs when something goes wrong with your system. At this age, your system is likely going to start seeing more serious problems more frequently, and you can wind up saving yourself a great deal of money in the long run by just going ahead and making the switch to a newer unit.

Frequent Breakdowns

While all air conditioning systems experience mechanical issues and breakdowns from time to time, if you notice that your system seems to be developing these issues on a fairly frequent basis, there might be a more serious underlying issues or defect. If that’s the case, continuing to pour money into AC and heating repairs might be somewhat of a wasted effort, and having your old system replaced could be a much more worthwhile investment in the long run. While it might cost more upfront, the money you will save on expensive repair costs can easily make up for it.

Higher Energy Bills

While it is normal for energy bills to get a bit higher during the summer than at other points of the year, if you notice that your bills are starting to climb unusually high, it could be an indication that something is wrong with your AC. As your system gets older, it is going to become less and less efficient in its operation, and as it does, your energy bills are likely going to start climbing higher and higher as a result. If you notice that there are significant differences between your cooling bills from this year and last year, it might be time to start looking at replacement options before your system breaks down entirely. Call your expert HVAC team today!

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