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4 Benefits of Ductless Air Conditioning Systems

ductless air conditioning

Keeping your home comfortable is extremely important, and your air conditioning system is a major part of that, especially during the peak summer months. Your air conditioning system needs to be effective at all times, but you also need it to be efficient so that you’re not wasting money on energy costs throughout the hotter parts of the year. While there’s plenty that you can do to keep your traditional AC in great shape, a growing number of homeowners are opting to install ductless air conditioning systems.

At Air Temp Residential Heating & Cooling, our professional Hartford County HVAC contractors can help you decide whether a ductless air conditioning system would be right for your home, and we can provide you with an installation of the system. If you’re considering whether or not a ductless air conditioner would be right for your home, take a look at these great benefits:

1. They Save You Money

Ductless air conditioners use a significantly lower amount of energy than traditional air conditioners to cool your home. That means that your Hartford County home will be just as comfortable, but you’ll be spending less money each month on your utility bills.

Ductless systems are smaller than forced-air systems, and multi-split systems allow homeowners to create “zones” in their home, which means that you’ll only ever being cooling the rooms that you’re in.

2. They Improve Indoor Air Quality

The quality of the air inside your home can cause some serious health issues for any members of your household. Air ducts are one of the biggest contributors to poor indoor air quality, and they need to be professionally cleaned on a regular basis to keep your indoor air quality and your energy efficiency at high levels.

Ductless systems will not only not spread contaminants throughout your home’s air, but they’ll also filter air and drastically reduce dust, bacteria, pollen, allergens, and other particulates in the air.

3. They’re Quiet

Forced-air ACs can make a great deal of noise, but ductless ACs are almost silent. When they do make noise, it won’t be more than a quiet hum that can easily be drowned out by conversation, music, or television.

4. They Provide More Control

Your new ductless air conditioner will be separated into zones, so each room in your home will have its own dedicated air conditioner. Being able to target zones and save money and energy, and it will also make every part of your home more comfortable.

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