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Heat Pump Problems or Not?

Hartford County heat pumpIf your home heating source has a heat pump that is more than ten to fifteen years old, you could be experiencing the first few signs of wear and tear on your heating system.

With the passage of time, your heating unit parts will degrade and will eventually malfunction if not kept well maintained. When they do break down, the broken parts often cause more parts in the heat pump and other areas to break down.

You could end up with a surprise system shut down during the coldest weather. Freezing temperatures inside your home is something you don’t want to have to suffer with.

With freezing temperatures in your home, your health could be in danger. Anyone old, sick or young is vulnerable to cold temperatures. Your heating system could be the only thing standing in the way of the cold taking over your home.

Heat pumps are generally built to last about 20 years but there are several factors that play a part in how long they actually last.

  • Length of time in service
  • Poor or Good Maintenance Service
  • Past Repairs
  • Load Capacity vs. Usage
  • ..and more

Sometimes it’s hard to tell if your heat pump is working properly. One of the first signs you may be having a problem is if the unit doesn’t seem to ever shut off. It will run constantly if it can’t raise the temperature to what you have set on the thermostat.

If you’ve found yourself wondering if it’s hot air or normal temperature air coming from your duct work, it could be a sign that you need to have the heat pump checked out. If you hear loud sounds, no sounds, scratching or scraping, experience burning smells, or continuous running, you need to have the heat pump inspected.

If your heating system does need to be repaired or replaced, you are right to look into your options. In waiting, you could cause more problems because the mechanical parts of your system all rely heavily upon one another to run well. When one part goes down, it will put strain on the other parts and they can easily break down.

Don’t make your friends and family suffer with only occasional warmth in your home. If your home isn’t heating properly, call a professional so the issue can be resolved. After all, it could just be something simple like a low refrigerant level.

Heat pumps use refrigerant to transfer heat from the air or ground (depending on your system) and bring it to the inside of your home. If the refrigerant is low, the unit can’t work right to give you warm air.

Even just such a simple thing can cause you to go without heat this winter. Whether your heat pump is malfunctioning, your furnace, or your boiler, our HVAC experts can help you determine what the problem is and fix it.

We’ve been diagnosing heat pump and other system problems and making quality repairs and replacements since 1983. We are your local Hartford County heating and air conditioning repair professionals.

At Air Temp Residential Heating & Cooling, we care about whether your home is heated or not during the winter months. With us, you’ll have 24/7 emergency professional repair services that you can trust.

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