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Air Temp Residential Heating & Cooling is a professional Hartford County HVAC Contractor providing a variety of Indoor Air Quality services to homeowners throughout our service areas. Our Hartford County Indoor Air Quality specialists provide services including duct cleaning as well as the installation and sale of air cleaners and whole house humidifiers.

Services Our Hartford County Indoor Air Quality Contractors Provide

Air Cleaners

Hartford County Air CleanersInstalling an air cleaner in your Hartford County home is a convenient and efficient way to purify the air circulating through your home's HVAC system. Our Hartford County air cleaners can be installed directly to your current heating and air conditioning system, and work like a powerful filter to block and destroy air pollution and bacteria from flowing through your air ducts and into the rooms in your home. Stop indoor air quality problems at the source with air cleaners from Air Temp Residential Heating & Cooling ... Read More


Hartford County HumidifiersIn today's world where central air conditioners and heating systems are constantly working to keep our Hartford County homes at the perfect temperature, the humidity needed to keep dry air at bay is taken away. By adding moisture to the air through a humidifier, you can make your Hartford County home more comfortable. Plus, many homeowners find that during the winter they can handle lower temperatures more comfortably with humidifiers adding moisture to the air ... Read More

If you are looking for a Hartford County Indoor Air Quality Contractor then please call Air Temp Residential Heating and Cooling at 860-436-6147 or complete our online request form.